Tsunami Enterprises is a non-profit organization that provides Representative Payee and Money Management services. Most of our clients are either disabled or elderly, in this capacity we alleviate the headaches of creating a budget.

Life is difficult and can become overwhelming when we are faced with money management issues.


Tsunami Enterprises will ease the stress of dealing with the pressures that financial needs can present by creating individual and customized plans to meet your unique budgeting needs.


We work in an objective and creative manner to provide smart solutions to satisfy real life financial and budgeting needs.





We at Tsunami are a highly trained and experienced staff working closely with other professionals in the field of Human Services. We maintain a close relationship with local welfare organizations, Public Guardians, Case Workers, Mental Health professionals, related industries and the staff of the local Social Security Office.


It is our goal to provide our clients with their needs promptly and timely as well as provide all associate organizations with all required needs timely and professionally.


Our clients and their needs are important to us and we are here to serve you with respect!


Our approach to budget management focuses on you and your unique set of budgeting needs, giving you a few options in how you receive your money.


We first focus on your housing needs and expenses then focus on money for food and other personal needs. The options for your perosnal needs are as follows but not limited to weekly, 4 times a month, twice a month, or once a month.